Acadia National Park

A Guide to Camping in Acadia National Park, ME

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to unwind and disentangle yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We all need to take time to get away from the rigors of work and the constant pull of screens and social media. This is why so many people plan a special trip to get away from it all and to become one with nature again.

The United States is a large, diverse, and varied country when it comes to nature on offer. One of the most beautiful places in the country is Acadia National Park, located in Maine. It offers stunning vistas of unparalleled beauty and a wide range of ways for you to spend a few days or more immersed in the beauty of nature.

Acadia National Park shoreline

Acadia National Park Campgrounds

Located on Mount Desert Island and a few parts beyond, Acadia National Park is a varied and popular destination for people who want to enjoy nature. It is a 47,000-acre park that has beaches, woodlands, mountain peaks, and more.

Visitors to Acadia National Park have a chance to see a huge array of wildlife, from moose and whales to bears and a number of different seabirds.

People who visit the park can stay on the site itself if they wish to fully immerse themselves in a rugged, outdoor experience, or they can enjoy eclectic, unique sights and sounds in the town of Bay Harbor. There, you will find plenty of accommodations, from hotels to bars and even fun shops.

The Park offers a range of ways to enjoy the outdoors. You can park an RV in the park for a fee and spend a week or more enjoying the sights and sounds of the varied landscape. You can also camp for a fee within the park and there are a number of different types of accommodations, depending on your needs and preferences.

Blackwoods Campground

Blackwoods is a campground that can be found on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island. This is a gorgeous, heavily-wooded area that allows for camping during a specified season which runs from early May to mid-October. No camping is allowed during the offseason.

The site offers shuttle services to various trailheads during the season as well, making it easy to take a hike, even if the trail is far away.

Seawall Campground

Seawall is another campground in Acadia National Park that is on the southern end of Mount Desert Island. At this campground, you have access to the rocky coastline of the Park. You can easily walk along the famous sea wall that gives the campground its name and even explore tidepools at the appropriate times.

Schoodic Woods Campground

Schoodic Woods is another beautiful campsite that is designed for people who want to spend a longer amount of time in nature. Camping at this site is done by reservation only and campsites can be registered for the entire season if desired.

The campground is located on the Schoodic Peninsula. This is a great choice for people who want to take part in outdoor recreation like hiking, kayaking, or biking. Many of the sites can accommodate either RVs or multiple tents.

Duck Harbor Campground

Duck Harbor Campground is a little different than the other sites we’ve touched on here in that it is located off the coast of Stonington, Maine on a small island called Isle au Haut.

This is a reservation-only site and it can only accommodate groups of 6 or fewer people. You won’t find modern accommodations here, this is a campground for people who want to enjoy the wild without the frills of modern life.  The campground features lean-to shelters, fire rings, picnic tables, composting toilets, and hand pump water. Pets are not allowed at this campsite.

Tips for Planning an Acadia National Park Trip

Taking a trip to Acadia National Park is an amazing way to take in the unique Maine landscape and enjoy some much-needed time in the outdoors. However, like any vacation, you will need to make solid plans and have a good understanding of the rules and regulations of any campsite or RV park you want to stay at.

1. How many people are going?

Some of the campgrounds have limits on the size of the party that can be accommodated at their sites. You will want to make sure your party doesn’t exceed the limits of the park’s regulations.

2. Are you bringing pets?

Many of the sites are pet-friendly, but not all of them allow you to bring dogs. Some of them do allow pets but with restrictions. Check into the pet policy of any potential sites if you wish to bring your pup along with you.

3. What kind of activities do you want to take part in?

Do you want to simply spend your days looking at the sky and wandering around your campsite or do you want to hike, bike, kayak, or partake in some other outdoor activity? Different sites offer access to different activities, so look into this when choosing the right site for you.

4. Do you want to be close to the action?

If you want to be deeply immersed in nature or you want the option to return to the hustle and bustle, you will want to choose your site accordingly. For those who want access to nightlife, pick a spot with access to Bay Harbor.

5. Know all the fees

Depending on whether you are camping or staying at an RV park, there are fees that go along with these activities. You don’t want to get an unpleasant surprise about cost, so make sure you research all associated fees when planning your trip.

6. How will you get around?

Are you planning on renting a car and do you have a place that it can be parked while you are camping? If you are taking an RV, do you know when and where shuttles can be found? You will want to make sure you have a solid plan for how to get around once you are there.

Acadia National Park in Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pet-friendly RV Parks & Campgrounds in Acadia National Park?

Pets can be brought to Acadia National Park, but there are limitations. Dogs must be kept on a leash and it can have no more than 6 feet of play. This is designed to protect pets from various potential predators and hazards the park may present.

How long can you stay at an RV Park in Acadia National Park?

Most people spend 3-4 days in Acadia National Park. This gives you enough time to see most of the sites and it is easy to pack enough supplies for a trip of this length. You can stay longer at the campgrounds, but you will need to bring adequate supplies.

How much does it cost to RV park in Acadia National Park?

If you are in an RV that has less than a 15-person capacity, the fee is $30 per vehicle. If you are using a non-commercial RV that can hold more than this, the fee will be $15 per person.

How much does it cost to camp in Acadia National Park?

For a walk-in tent site, it costs $22 per night. If you are camping at a drive-up tent site, it will cost $30 per night. Motorhome and RV accommodations are separate.