A quality camping cot should be equal parts durable and comfortable. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot achieves just that. Measuring at 80 (L) x 30 (W) x 15 (H) this camping cot can easily accommodate dampers as a tall as 6’6” tall while keeping them 15 inches off the ground. The width proves ample for most people and never feels narrow when turning throughout the night. The cot itself folds nicely in half but doesn’t compress. It is quite large when packed, so not ideal for backpackers, but perfect for those car camping or only walking a short distance.

Of course, what really makes this a contender for the best camp bed is the overall comforter this cot brings to the table. When you picture a traditional cot, images of heavy canvas and poking poles come to mind. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is different. Rather than just a tight fabric surface, this cot utilizes a 1-inch foam pad for creating maximum comfort while sleeping off the ground. Aside from being brilliantly comfortable, the foam mattress can also provide a small amount of warmth. Most cots have zero insulating properties whatsoever.

Under that nicely padded topper is a sturdy steel frame that keeps you feeling locked in all through the night. The cot does not wobble or feel unsteady while changing positions. For added benefit, the cot does fit nicely in most tents, but may not be ideal for backpackers due to size. However, even if it takes up some floor space, the ample 15-inch gap from the bed to the floor lends itself to plenty of room for gear, food, or even extra clothing. Durable and steady, this cot can stand up to multiple set-ups, car trips, take-downs, and storage spots. Unlike other sleeping pads or air mattresses, it cannot pop or break from simple use.

For added peace of mind, Coleman does offer a limited lifetime warranty on this cot. If something should happen that is not the result of normal wear and tear, the brand has you covered. Still unsure of the Coleman camping cot? Let’s break down the pros and cons.



If you’re an avid car camper or someone with space to spare, the Comfortsmart™ Cot could prove an excellent companion. More comfortable than a traditional cot, but still sturdy, this camping bed should garner a great night’s sleep without the high price tag or potential issues that an air mattress can bring.


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