Everest Hiking Pack Backpack Review

Everest Hiking Pack Backpack Review

While most of us are never going to be hiking up Mount Everest, it’s useful to have a product that could withstand the elements even at the highest peak of the world. It’s more likely that we’ll be hiking up trails on different mountain ranges with more mild temperature conditions, but with a backpack designed to face the harsh weather on Mount Everest, at least we know we’ll be okay wherever we hike.

No matter the length of your hike or the difficulty of the terrain, it’s important to be equipped with the best tools to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible. With a backpack like the Everest Hiking Pack made by Everestbags, you’re receiving something ready to take on the elements of the most difficult of terrains. While this backpack is great for almost any terrain, it does have some drawbacks. Is the Everest Hiking Pack right for you?

What Is Included With The Backpack

In terms of size, weight, and load capacity, this backpack is rather average. For hiking, average isn’t necessarily a bad thing either! The base weight of the pack is about 3.5 lbs and the maximum capacity is 48 liters. This is a perfect amount if you’re going for a shorter hike – multiple week-long hikes might be out of your range.

The bottom of the pack is made with a rugged material that prevents it from being torn and the contents spilling out. Snap buckles keep the pockets from fully opening and spilling everything out while the zippered side pockets promote security and durability. The features of this backpack don’t offer any shiny new objects or cool new gadgets, but you are receiving dependability and comfort with your backpack. Everything you need for a good hike.


This is a fantastic backpack for anyone looking to get into hiking. Perfect for shorter expeditions and able to withstand most conditions, the Everest Hiking Pack offers all that you need for your base hiking experience. Organization and functionality are the key components of this backpack and you are almost guaranteed that your stuff will be safe on your hikes.


If you’re looking for a bag that will enable you to go on longer expeditions and can carry more of your belongings, this might not be the bag for you. It’s a great bag for beginners, but more experienced hikers looking to expand their terrain might want to look somewhere else. The low storage space can only sustain you for a couple days at a time, and the material isn’t the best on longer trails with rough terrain.

While this pack is only really great for beginners, it does offer an impressive number of features. If you’re looking to get your hiking life started with an affordable and durable backpack, this is a great option for you. It will allow you to get out and get experience before investing in larger pack for longer expeditions.


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