What comes to mind when you think of a renegade? Odds are, you think of someone or something that defies the norm and breaks the boundaries of expectation. When it comes to hiking shorts, the Kuhl Men’s Renegade Shorts do just that. They exceed the boundaries of what is expected and go beyond, forging their own trail in a crowded hiking shorts market. Perfect for day or distance hikes, the Renegade Shorts are built to have both weather resistance and total comfort. The goal of Kuhl has always been to grant mobility without sacrificing quality.

As is the case with the entire Kuhl Renegade line of clothing, the Renegade Men’s Shorts are made out of Tufflex, a signature blend of 88 percent nylon and12 percent fabric. This is exactly what you’re looking for in a good pair of hiking shorts. The synthetic fabric never wrinkles, nor does it bunch up in less than desirable areas while moving. A generous 12” inseam and a gusseted crotch make mobility fluid and easy. These shorts also offer sun protection, quick-dry technology, and moisture-wicking properties. Even in humid regions, these shorts will keep you dry. Some users even cite that they can double as a bathing suit.

An included internal soft waist liner reduces abrasion even while wearing a waist pack and holds true to size. It comes with a traditional belt loop system but does not include a built-in way to tighten or expand your waist size. Despite this, the Renegade Shorts are still feature-packed, especially when it comes to pockets. These are hiking shorts bursting with pockets and cargo space. In fact, you’ll find eight pockets in total.

There are two front pockets, two back pockets with added velcro closure, and one on each thigh with a vertical zipper. There is also an additional slit open pocket located on the outside of each hamstring. Rear pockets boast velcro, which is convenient for one-handed opening. Pockets are sized generously, allowing one to easily fit large items such as a smartphone, handheld GPS, emergency beacon, or food supply.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Kuhl Men’s Renegade Shorts.



With eight available colors, three inseam lengths, and eleven waist size options, the Kuhl Renegade shorts offer endless possibilities in terms of fit and appearance. They bost great versatility and could easily serve one well on a hike, kayak trip, bike ride, or climb. These are great general-purpose outdoor shorts for those who just want to enjoy the scenery without too much action. Of course, if you do choose to take these shorts out for some action, you’ll find that they are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable for long stretches of time.


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