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The best camping cot should be comfortable, easy to set-up, and portable. With Magshion’s Fold Up Camping Cot, you’ll hit on all three of these factors, without sacrificing the features that can take a camping bed from good to great. This is a popular folding camping cot that is lightweight and fairly priced. Unlike similar cots, this includes a storage bag for easy toting.

To some, the price may ring alarm bells for “too good to be true.” After all, a lower price tends to mean a sacrifice in quality and durability. With the Magshion, this is not the case whatsoever. This is a very durable and well-built cot with U-shape bars on both ends plus two standard legs in the middle for added stability. Each leg holds its own plastic cap to protect the floor of your tent or home. The construction never wobbles upon laying down or sitting up, meaning you’ll feel comfortable moving from side to side during the night.

For added comfort, Magshion designed the bed so that there are no bars directly under the fabric. Not only does this make for a more restful sleep, but it means a decrease in back pressure. In terms of sizing, the Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot measures at 72 x 24.4 inches and can accommodate guests up to six feet tall. Given the size, you won’t lose too much space in your tent or room. Additionally, there is a huge space under the cot to store additional gear, meaning you’ll have even more floor space than you would with a traditional camping pad or air mattress.

The main complaint some users have with this cot is that the bed itself is quite narrow, despite the generous length. For this reason, many find this cot perfect for teens and younger adults. Of course, adults who are smaller in stature will also make good use of this comfortable camping cot.  In terms of storage, this portable camping bed is very lightweight and portable. It weighs just eight pounds. With the folding design and included storage bag, you can easily set up and break down in under 30 seconds.

Not sure if this fold up camping bed is for you? Take a look at the pros and cons below.



For a low-priced basic cot that will offer comfort and support while camping in the great outdoors, the Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed is a great option. It would also make a great extra-bed space in your home for teens or young adults.