Osprey Rook 65 Backpack Review

Whenever you go out hiking or exploring for a multiple day endeavor, it’s important to have a backpack accompanying you that is as durable as you are. Finding the right backpack that matches your needs as you hike can be difficult – there certainly are many options to choose from, each offering similar features and quality build. As you search for a backpack to accompany you on your adventures, it’s important to know what features specifically you’re looking for.

One of the top names in the internal frame backpack market is Osprey with their latest addition to their store: The Osprey Rook 65 internal frame backpack. This pack has proved to have its ups and downs, but much of what this backpack offers in terms of benefits depends on you and your style of hike. Osprey’s latest addition to the market certainly is a force to be reckoned with, but is it the right backpack for you?

Osprey Rook 65 Features

This is an impressive backpack that includes a multiple of features and designs that will keep you comfortable and safe on your adventure. We can never entirely predict the weather and sometimes rain sneaks its way into our hikes. This backpack includes a raincoat drape that can be fitted to cover the entire backpack when it starts pouring.

Durability – This backpack is made out of 600-denier polyester with a 1000-denier polyester bottom making it extremely durable and lasting. No matter the terrain you embark on, loose branches and jagged rocks won’t be enough to tear the Osprey Rook 65.

Ventilation – Breathability is an important part of the comfort provided by any internal frame backpack. Because the pack typically rest on the whole of the back rather than the upper half like with external framed packs, it’s important to have a material that supports breathing. This backpack includes a mesh lining that lets airflow in and prevents sweating.

Weight and capacity – At about 3.5 lbs by itself, this backpack is about the industry average for weight. For the price, this is a pretty good weight and the capacity it supports is rather great as well. It can hold up to 65 liters which is about average for internal frame packs.

The bag itself holds five exterior pockets which enable you to store as much of your belongings as you need. The organization of these pockets can be lacking and often overwhelming, but the option is present for those who need it.

Other Backpacker’s Sentiment

Many customers who have utilized the product praise it for its size and durability of this product. Reviews claim that the weight of the backpack is well-balanced as well and offers support while hiking for multiple days. The issues that some reviews have claimed about the backpack include the comfort of the product as it tends to weigh down on certain spots. The disorganization of the pocket placement is another issue mentioned.




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