Footwear and Accessories

Recommended Boots, Shoes, and Accessories

There are so many categories of footwear and accessories under the umbrella of outdoor products. Finding the right footwear and accessories for you depends on more than what you like to do outside. Our reviews can help to point you in the right direction to make sure you enjoy your next excursion.

Outdoor Footwear and Accessories

Hiking boots and shoes are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of any trail. They come in a variety of styles and shapes that you can choose based on your preferences. Most are waterproof and some even offer insulation for winter hikes. The soles found on hiking footwear are designed to grip any type of terrain. Hiking footwear is always available in high or low-profile options. Hiking boots are an excellent choice for standard hikes, backpacking, snowshoeing, trail running, rock climbing, casual use, and canyoneering.

Climbing shoes are designed for the rigors of climbing. They are completely different from hiking footwear and maintain a very low profile perfect for maintaining agility. Climbing footwear comes in three different categories:

  • Aggressive Shoes- For maximum power on difficult overhanging climbs.
  • Moderate Shoes- For performance and comfort on challenging climbs.
  • Neutral Shoes- Ideal for all-day comfort on any available climb.

These shoes are offer superior grip while also providing enough support to increase sensitivity and feeling, allowing climbers to truly get a sense of where footholds exist.

Trail runners is designed for comfort and stability out on the trail. Anyone who partakes in trail running knows that footwear is of the utmost importance. There are three key categories of trail running footwear:

  • Light trail shoes- Best for packed dirt roads, gravel roads, and hills. ‘
  • Rugged trail shoes- Designed for running on hiking trails or highly unstable surfaces.
  • Off-trail shoes- Designed for extremely rocky or variable terrain. Much more rigid than traditional trail shoes.

The trail shoes you choose depend on the type of trail running you love most. We’ve reviewed each to give you a glimpse of what will work best for you.

You’ll find two key categories when it comes to outdoor footwear accessories: socks and gaiters. Outdoor socks are durable, padded, and designed to wick moisture to keep your feet toasty dry, thus avoiding infection. Trail gaiters are a piece of fabric that covers the opening of your shoe to rocks, dirt, and even sand from getting into your footwear. They can also help to avoid hot spots and blisters and may prevent snake bites.