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Navigation and Electronics for Outdoor recreation

Out on the trail, navigation and electronics can prove valuable to survival. Without the right equipment, one can easily become disoriented or lose their way. These tools are especially imperative to backpackers, mountaineers, and anyone who enjoys going off the beaten path. Navigation and electronics can bring peace of mind while getting you where you need to go. There are several key categories of navigation and electronics that every outdoor enthusiast should look into before the next big adventure.

GPS units can be used to discern location or to simply track activity. They come in both handheld units, clip-on units, and wearable watch devices. Handheld GPS units utilize high sensitivity GPS/GNSS receivers to quickly locate your position on a map and maintain location even in heavy cover. They are vital in challenging environments. In addition to evaluating location, they can also discern altitude.

Wearable GPS activity trackers can help you to navigate on your route using similar satellite technology. However, they can also track your activity, heart rate, and overall stress levels. This can be paramount to those who are hiking for extended periods of time and need many key features.

Multi-function watches are outdoor enthusiasts best friend. Not only can they track location, give altimeter approximations and provide compass directions, but they can track activity, monitor heart rate, and provide insight into overall fitness levels. Oh, they also tell time too!

Portable power devices are electronics powered by the sun to help charge cell-phones, flashlights, or any other electronics you may have on hand. They include several traditional outlets as well as USB ports to keep laptops, tablets, and DSLR camera batteries at 100%. They are quiet and portable, utilizing solar panels, wall outlets, or 12V carports. Other types of solar and portable power devices include:

  • Solar power banks
  • Battery packs
  • Portable power devices
  • Solar Cells

Each can help you to stay powered even while “roughing it” in the great outdoors. Let’s face it, technology is often necessary even while outside. That’s why we’ve reviewed all of the best solar and portable power.

Two-way radios, weather radios, headphones, and portable speakers are often paramount to all outdoor lovers. Two-way radios have a range of up to 35 miles and can help you to communicate with your camp or party even when the cell-phone signal is dismal.

Weather radios are ideal for anyone who is backpacking, backcountry camping, or going to a place they’ve never been before. They can help you to keep on top of emergencies, adverse weather situations, and fast changes you may not anticipate. Each of these things can also help you to stay connected to the outside world.

Cameras such as the GoPro are known as action cameras. They can be attached to a helmet, hat, shirt, or stick the mount to capture every aspect of your outdoor adventure. There is a myriad of action cameras on the market at all different price points. We’ve reviewed all of the best to find the outdoor mount camera that’s best for you.

Finding the Right Navigation and Electronic Products

Are all of these things necessary for a casual hiker? Probably not, but those who spend a great deal of time outdoors can benefit from these navigation and electronic products for the outdoors. Finding the right products for your next adventure will depend on your needs and wants. Our reviews can help to guide you in the process and lead you to the perfect match.