Backpacks and Bags

TETON Sports Scout3400 Side

Teton Sports Scout 3400

Previous Next Hiking can be fun for anyone with any level of experience. As the trails begin to grow in difficulty, however, you’ll begin to

Osprey Rook 65

Osprey Rook 65

Previous Next Rook 65 Features Backpacker’s Sentiment Whenever you go out hiking or exploring for a multiple day endeavor, it’s important to have a backpack

Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack

Kelty Coyote 80

You never want to be alone while hiking or deep on a trail without access to your belongings. Multiple day adventures require you to pack

Everest Hiking Pack

Everest Hiking Pack

Previous Next While most of us are never going to be hiking up Mount Everest, it’s useful to have a product that could withstand the

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Internal Frame Backpacks

Any outdoor adventure can be made much more difficult with the wrong type of gear. Whether you’re simply hiking through a pre-made trail, scrambling up

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Hydration Packs

To an outdoor enthusiast a hydration pack can be a total game-changer out on the trail. Where most hikers and bikers were once inundated with

Know What Type Of Bag You Need

A backpacking pack is a bag designed for long-range hikes and all-day hikes. While a smaller sized backpack might do the trick for a short hike or a ½ day hike, backpacking packs are larger and can hold more gear. Most tend to be in the 35-Liter range, which makes them excellent for carrying all of the food, water, clothing, first-aid essentials, and gear you need to get to your endpoint. For hikers whose day trips turn into overnight camps, there is also plenty of room to attach backpacking tents and chairs to these packs.

Much like the name implies, a daypack is a backpack option that is best used for activities in which you will only need to carry a day’s worth of gear. Unlike a backpacking pack, a daypack lacks a solid frame and is quite a bit smaller. It looks like a slightly bigger version of a traditional backpack. Generally, daypacks can be used for anything from hiking and climbing to commuting or travel. We’ve reviewed all of the best daypacks here.

There’s a reason why we always review hydration packs. They’re essential on the trail. A hydration pack is a unique hydration system that is built to resemble a backpack or waist pack. Each version contains a “bladder” or reservoir that is made of rubber or plastic. The bladder has a capped mouth for filling and a flexible hose that allow you to drink hands-free out on the trail. Most hydration packs also have sizable storage for toting gear.

Waist packs have always been popular with casual hikers and climbers. The reason? They’re totally hands-free. Much as the name implies, a waist pack is a small pack that attaches around the waist rather than on your back. Some areas small as a fanny-pack but most are large enough to store essential items such as a phone, poncho, keys, and snacks. When we review the best waist packs for outdoor adventure, we always keep comfort, storage, and usability in mind.

Nature is never shy about offering plenty of photo opportunities. For the hiker, climber, or biker who enjoys photography, camera packs are a must. These are bags specifically designed to house camera gear and lenses. Most have partitioned sections within the interior frame to keep gear safely in place as you go about your day. We strive to review the best camera packs available today.