Teton Sports Grand 5500 Backpack Review

For anyone who have ever embarked on a multiple day hiking excursion or for anyone who ever hopes to, there is one tool you should never be without. Having a dedicated hiking backpack will allow you to make the most of the trip and to be perfectly prepared for nearly any situation that arises. The perfect type of hiking backpack for a multi-day or even multi-week trip would be an internal frame backpack. With so many options available on the market, each offering similar features and similar build styles, it’s difficult to find the one that works best for you. One backpack that host a rather impressive stat column and seems to be taking the backpacking world by storm is the Teton Sports Grand 5500. Being one of the largest bags commercially available, this is the perfect backpack for a long hiking adventure. But, as every bag does, it comes with its own draw backs. As mentioned previously, this is one of the largest backpacks we’ve come across with a capacity of up to 90 liters. The average maximum capacity tends to rest around 50-60 liters, so this backpack is built for long expeditions. The base weight of this pack is about 5.2 lbs. which is more than most, but with that maximum capacity, that’s to be expected. This backpack includes plenty of compartments and internal and external gear loops so that you can bring your entire camp with you as you move on. When you’re packing for a week-long expedition, you need enough gear to last you the week and with the Teton Sports Grand 5500, you have the space to do just that. The sleeping bag compartment, removable hood, and removable hiking pack are features that benefit the organized hiker. This pack allows you to better organize your layout to get rid of the clutter and stress that comes from messy hiking. As you continue on your adventure, you’ll want to keep as organized as possible.

Grand 5500 Backpack Pros

Coming in as one of the largest backpacks available, this is the perfect pack to get you going on your longest expeditions. The 90-liter storage space allows you to bring your camp with you and you won’t have to worry about having enough space for everything you need. The durability of this backpack will last as you bring this pack with you on every trip you go on. 90-liter storage space Durable material Well organized layout

Cons of Teton Sports 5500

Very few cons have been found with this backpack. Obviously, as it is a larger bag, it tends to lose comfort as more items are stored in it, but that’s not a fault of the bag itself. The cushioning on the straps does its best to alleviate the weight. One issue some hikers have discussed about the bag is the reliability of the straps when supporting the weight of the bag. They seem to hold their own, but how long will they be able to do so? All in all, this is a fantastic backpack for anyone looking to go on a long hiking expedition.

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