Teton Sports Scout 3400 Review

Hiking can be fun for anyone with any level of experience. As the trails begin to grow in difficulty, however, you’ll begin to need a more serious hiking backpack. There are plenty of backpacks that work for hiking, but as you get more serious about your adventures, you might want to keep an eye out for a good internal frame backpack. These are built to offer you the best support and the perfect capacity needed for longer expeditions. 
Finding the right internal frame backpack for you can be tricky though. There are plenty of options available on the market but finding the perfect one for your needs and future expeditions is all about knowing the pluses and minuses of each – and every bag has its drawbacks. The Teton Sports Scout 3400 is one such bag as it’s built for beginners and made durable to last. But is it the right backpack for your needs?

Features to Be Aware Of

This backpack is rather average when it comes to weight and capacity stats. It weighs about 4.5 lbs and can store up to 55 liters. A tad heavy on the base weight but the capacity limit seems to be about the industry standard. It comes built with two compression straps on the front which provide both security and comfort while hiking.
As with most internal frame backpacks, this is a top-heavy bag which supports a higher and more forward center of gravity. This style bag is perfect for hiking as it supports your back and promotes better hiking habits. Four zippered pockets and three unenclosed ones offer ample storage options and allows you to bring your camp with you as you hike. 
Teton Sports build them tough as the rigid frame of the backpack will ensure that no snags or tear occur, compromising your belongings. You can use this backpack on the most difficult terrain for years to come. 


This backpack thrives on comfort, even as you stuff it with more and more of your belongings. The way that the straps were designed allows for a generous amount of padding to keep you comfortable and disperse the weight evenly throughout your shoulders. The durability of the material is one that many other bags tend to lack which allows beginners to gain plenty of hiking experience with their first bag. 


One issue that some customers who have purchased the bag experience is the rigid zippers. This tends to happen with bags that are so focused on a rigid design and structured interior. The zippers have no give to them at all which can hinder the organizing and packing experience. For the capacity this bag can store, it is on the heavier side. Most bags that hold 50-60 liters tend to be a pound lighter than this one which is probably due to the rigid design and material. 


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