Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

No matter the size of your party, you’ll want to ensure that you have ample room for everyone to sleep. There’s nothing more difficult than trying to sleep in a tent while on an excursion, let alone a tent packed with 12 people. Having a tent with enough space for all 12 people or one big enough to fit three queen mattresses will help ease the burden of not enough room.

A tent that is looking to accommodate that many people should also be able to provide protection from the elements as well as a different heating and cooling options. Ozark, a company that has worked for years to create comfortable tents that suit each camper’s needs, has come out with a 12-person cabin tent. This tent promises a spacious interior, easy assembly, weather-proof features, and even nighttime LED lighting. But does it keep up its promises and offer everything it claims to?

Item Specifications

A rare feature you will find with this tent is the addition of LED lights that will keep your cabin lit throughout the night – you are able to turn them off when you’re going to sleep. The tent itself is about 18’x10′ at the base and 80-inches in height at the center. The tent can be sectioned off with the two room dividers to provide three 9’x5′ rooms.

The zip up windows on this tent will block out a decent amount of light to keep the sleep and comfort going in the mornings. The tent itself does its best to keep out rainwater and snow throughout the use with water resistant lining. This tent employs LED bulbs to keep your space alive and active even as the sun goes down.

Like many other tents, this tent promotes an easy assembly process and a quick strike time. The rain cover is detachable and will require extra assembly whenever rain looks to be possible.

Our Honest Review

This Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent is a basic 12-person cabin/tent. It provides you a comfortable spot to rest at night and a source of respite if the weather turns south. The tent is decently simple to set up, no more complicated than most large tents, but the disassembly can take some time. The rain cover will take extra time to set up, but it’s a simple process as well.

With this tent you’ll receive dependable protection from the elements and a nice source of privacy that many 12-person tents don’t offer. Having the room dividers is a nice addition as it splits the tent into three, similarly sized rooms, each with their own LED lamp. The spaciousness of this tent is also something of note as it leaves you with ample room to move and relax.

The feature that makes this tent stand out from the rest is the addition of the LED lights at the top of the tent. These come built-in which most other tents don’t offer. This will remove the need for an external lamp, though the spill of the light could annoy other rooms. Overall, this is a dependable tent that will get the job done, but it doesn’t offer any wow factors other than the LED lights.

Other Buyer’s Feedback

Many customers who have purchased this tent agree that it will offer you a comfortable and protected place to rest while you’re camping, but don’t expect it to be the thing that makes or breaks your camping trip. Many of the features of this tent will be found on other tents of similar size, some might do them better, others worse. The biggest positive feedback customers have about this tent is the LED lights which offer a steady stream of light throughout the night.

One complaint that some have – and one that we encountered as well – was the need for batteries. Yes, this is typical with most items that require batteries, but these LED lights will go through them rather quickly. If you want to save money and energy, you might want to consider purchasing rechargeable batteries.

Most of the reviews on this tent tend to favor the positives and regard it as a dependable option to make your camping trip a success. Don’t expect the world’s greatest tent but be prepared for a useful tool to keep you comfortable while camping. The LED lights, though expensive, are a nice touch that adds flavor to this tent.




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