CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Besides a spot to lay your head while you’re out camping in the wilderness, you’ll want a source of protection against the elements, a way to keep yourself warm on cold nights or cool on warm ones. Even the largest camping tents sometimes struggle to provide their campers with the proper elemental protection they need. Finding a tent large enough to host 12 people comfortably and incorporates all essential features found in smaller tents.

The CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent strives to accomplish just that. They’ve created a tent that can stand up to the weather, keep you comfortable, and provides you the space and privacy often lost while camping. We reviewed this tent in an attempt to offer you an honest and thorough answer as to whether or not this tent can be held up to its word.

First Impressions

This tent is a spacious 18’x10′ cabin with two doors that allow for multiple exits throughout the night. The main door is the classic T-zipper while the side door is a D-style zipper. Both doors are covered by awnings to prevent rain from seeping through the zipper – one of the most compromised sections of any weather-proof tent.

In terms of weather prevention, this tent utilizes a detachable rain fly made out of 68D Polyester which has a hydrostatic rating of 600mm. This rain fly will keep your tent dry even during the most severe rainstorms. When you’re not worrying about rain, the rain fly can detach and will reveal a see-through mesh layer which allows for star gazing on clear nights.

There are two room separators available to offer you a layer of privacy while camping. Many larger tents offer a separation of rooms, but few offer a second door to establish one room as a master suite. This tent takes strides in offering you both privacy and protection from the elements while camping.

Our Honest Core 12 Person Tent Review

This is a fantastic 12-person tent option for anyone looking for comfort while camping. The tent offers a great and sturdy layer of protection against the elements as well as ample privacy throughout the night. While many tents offer the room dividers to section off the tent for specific parties, few offer multiple doors and exits. This adds a layer of privacy not seen in many larger tents.

The detachable rain fly is a thorough protection against the rain and will keep you dry throughout the night. Though it provides ample protection against the elements, issues arise with assembly as it can be difficult to set up. Though once it’s on, you won’t feel a drop of rain. In terms of assembly, this tent is one of the easier processes we’ve encountered. Many tents claim to be doable in less than two minutes and end up taking nearly half an hour with two people. This cabin can be completed in less than 10 minutes with two people.

One issue we encountered with this tent was the durability issue. The ground can be easily compromised it seems and can be susceptible to snags and tears. Be careful of where you put the tent because a twig could be all it takes to rip it. Overall, this is a fantastic 12-person tent that will help keep you comfortable and protected throughout the night.

Other Camper’s Feedback

When looking for a camping tent to suit your needs, it’s important to find one with good customer reviews. We have tested each tent to see how it matches up to industry standards, but customers who have bought the tents know how they work when in use on a camping trip.
Most of the reviews for the CORE camping tent are positive and cite the easy set up as their favorite aspect. It only takes two people about 10 minutes to set the tent up and it looks great once it’s up. Customers are excited about the multiple doors and windows that the tent offers as well as the ability to keep out the rain during a storm.

The negative reviews are focused on the durability of the tent. Some customers have cited that the floor of the tent can easily snag and rip – something we found to be true as well. The rain fly seems to be a point of contention as many customers have claimed it to be difficult to put up.



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