ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table (Review)

If you’re about to head out for a camping trip, it’s pivotal to have all of the proper gear ready and by your side. You’ll want items that offer you dependable services, yet don’t weigh you down too much when on the go. This is the difficulty of searching for the perfect camping table – you want one that can support your belongings and offers many different uses while still being easy to transport. Finding the perfect camping table can be difficult, but we’ve bought and tested many products, including the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table, in order to provide you with an honest review about the quality of one of the most popular tables available. This table promises many features and benefits, but does it hold up to what it offers?

Item Specifications

This table is 28 inches in width and 28 inches in height. The length of this table is a whopping 43 inches which offers you plenty of space for dinner, tools, cooking items, anything you want on the table. Because of this size, it can fit anywhere from 4-6 people comfortably. It only weighs 12 lbs and can be easily stored away for convenient carry. It’s because of the items’ aluminum design that it can be so easy to carry. It’s quite compact too, being folded down to 43 inches by 5 inches by 9 inches. You can store it away in the shoulder carrying bag which makes transporting the device easier. Much like most slat top tables, this device can fold the top into a convenient and compact bag. The size of the table, once stored away and in the carrying tote, is comparable to that of a foldable chair. The weight seems to be similar as well. The real benefit of this table is the size it offers when in use as well as the compact storage option it presents. Because of the aluminum frame, it cannot support as much weight as other options on the market, buckling under relatively low pressure.

Our Honest Review

This table is exactly as it says in the name: a dining table. If you’re looking for a table that can support you and your guests’ meals while you eat and enjoy the night, this is a fantastic table for you. The surface space available is this table’s shining feature as it allows for ample use by multiple campers at once. Many other tables that offer comparable amounts of surface space can be clunky and difficult to carry around. The other standout feature that this table offers is the easy storage option. This table offers space enough for six people yet can be condensed down to the size of a foldable lawn chair for easy transportation. It also only weighs 12 lbs which makes hiking to your campsite simple. One issue that we encountered with this table was the durability it offered. If you’re looking for a compact and transportable dining table, this is a fantastic option. However, if you’re looking for a table that can store and support many heavier items on top, this might not be the right table for you. Because of the aluminum frame, it can’t support much more than 10 pounds on a single leg. While most tables would simply bend after placing an item that’s too heavy for it on top, this table will completely buckle leaving you with bent mess of aluminum. Be careful when using this table for anything other than dining or cooking – it can’t support much weight. What it loses in durability, it makes up for in lightweight storage and carrying options.

Other Customers Experience

Many customers who have purchased the device love what it offers. The size and surface space is unmatched by any other table on the market and the ability to fold and easily store a table of this size is rather exciting. Many reviews attest to the ease of assembly and the compact nature of this device. It’s the perfect table for dining and can support more than enough people for everyone to enjoy. The negative reviews tended to focus on the tables’ lack of weight capacity, something that we encountered in our tests. Though the table has ample surface space, can be easily assembled and disassembled, and folds up to a rather transportable package, the durability and weight support it offers is lacking. It all depends on what matters most to you.



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