Patagonia has long been known as the premier outdoor brand when it comes to apparel and gear. All for good reason. They’ve managed to straddle a delicate balance between form and function. This is totally exemplified by the Patagonia Men’s Nine Trails Shorts. If you’re looking for shorts that are well-suited for running, distance hiking, or even day hiking, these should fit the bill. They offer superior breathability and boast a lightweight fabric that reads as ‘barely there.’ They can even double as a bathing suit in a pinch.

Made from sustainable recycled polyester, the Nine Trails shorts will keep you feeling cool and dry even on humid summer hikes. The 91 percent/9 percent polyester/elastane blend offers a generous amount of stretch, without feeling compromised in movement. The 8-inch inseam is shorter than the average 12-inch offering, but this proves a great benefit during trail runs or distance hikes, as there wasn’t extra fabric in the way. Additionally, the Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts offer an interior ‘compression short’ that can completely negate the need for underwear while still lending support.

The chosen fabric blend proves soft and comfortable to the touch. Nothing feels abrasive against the skin, which means you’ll never suffer from minor discomforts while out on the trail. Patagonia has also included an 88 percent/12 percent polyester/elastic waistband that garners plenty of stretches yet a nice snug fit. The waistband boasts a slim profile, meaning even backpacks won’t cause rubbing or chaffing.

In terms of features, the Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts are high on practicality even if they run a little short on features. There are just three zippered pockets on the shorts, but they prove to be more than adequate. There are two hand warmers and rear on the right side. Zippered pockets make these a great choice for running or hiking as your gear will never bounce out on impact. This is a truly uncommon feature on most hiking shorts. Though these shorts may not provide a wealth of pockets, you won’t find yourself missing them much when you feel light-as-air on your next adventure.

One thing these shorts bear that proves uncommon is an interior liner with an added odor control technology. This added silver chloride solution can keep the shorts permanently protected from pungent odors. For distance hikers who cannot always wash their shorts in between wears, this is paramount and rather rare to encounter. Additionally, Patagonia did add in a reflective log on on the front of the shorts. While it won’t work as a primary visibility marker, it can help you to feel seen in the dark.

Still not sure about the Men’s Nine Trail Shorts? Let’s break down the pros and cons.



For hiking or running in the summer heat, the Patagonia Nine Trails shorts prove a lightweight and comfortable pick that doesn’t skimp on the necessary features you crave. They’ll keep you cool and dry even as temperatures start to rise.


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